Ran into the lady from the vegan place up on the mountain and had some more great vegan food, this time tempura vegetables in a spicy sesame sauce.

Today took everything I had, my poor ACL screaming at me at every step down this steep, rocky, hill. There is no denying it, I am getting older, but put into relation of having walked 500 kilometers to find a place that shows me my limits, I am happy.

I generally just walk head down in thought, but allowed myself some Stanford lectures on neuroscience today, parts of which might make it into a paper on the neuropsychology of the Camino, and some that will probably change how I approach my post-Camino life.

Despite eating a lot I am losing weight and feel better than I have in years. Early exposure to sunlight sets my circadian rhythm perfectly, the exercise combined with success markers at every stop helps modulate my mood.

The only minor speck on the otherwise great day is out albergue which is hot, sticky, and loud. But I have a hunch that I’ll be sleeping very well tonight 😀

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